What sets a skilled veteran apart from a fresh recruit in any industry? Experience. But in order to get experience, one has to spend time in the trenches encountering a variety of situations that their original training might not have prepared them for. Over time, mastery grows as a variety of situations are encountered and solutions are discovered. But, often we take a lot of bumps and bruises during that process. Is there a better way?

You might suggest more training. More studying. More learning before turning someone lose into the wild. But it's difficult to not only cover so many different situations, but to get all the information to stick, at least until those lessons are relevant. Think about something simple, like memorizing the various capitals of the world. You might have trouble remembering the names of far off places with strange names. But once they have relevancy to you, they stick. Once you've done business there, once you've visited, once you have friends or family there an experience is formed. A connection is made.

eMersive Systems prides itself on making your knowledge come alive, anywhere and anytime. We leverage our award-winning training engine, our experience in the addictive and engaging entertainment gaming space, and our passion for learning, to work with you and take your existing knowledge base and expertise to the next level. We can boost the effectiveness of your training or sales program by letting you teach and explore with a safe virtual sandbox where your learners are free to play, experiment, and explore. Be it managing an audit, fixing a leak on a freight truck, explaining a complex procedure to a spinal surgery patient, or helping your sales team demonstrate your company's latest product... we ascribe to the philosophy that the best teacher is experience.

Excited? Good! So are we! Contact us today to begin exploring how eMersive Systems can boost your training.

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