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Your organization has already invested in creating a pool of expert knowledge and information. But now you have to use it to train your people. Traditionally, this content is delivered though seminars, tests, videos, reading material and other types of passive instruction.

These approaches simply wash over the learner, and little is absorbed because it is not engaging. Leaners cannot just sit back and have knowledge fed to them. They have to be actively engaged in developing their skills. eMersive's technology and approach to education can quickly and easily convert your existing passive education into an active one where knowledge through doing is the focus.

The most powerful education comes through experimentation and personal exploration. By placing the learner in a safe virtual sandbox, they can experiment and learn the consequences of their actions first hand. Mistakes can be the most powerful teachers, but no one wants to make them in the real world where the costs can be unimaginable.

eMersive's platform allows for learners to virtually step onto the battlefield, into the operating room, or into any other dangerous or hazardous environment and learn in an environment freed from real-world consequences where learning can be truly enhanced.

Knowledge and instruction bound to the classroom is of little use to your people when they are in the field and they need it the most. As our world becomes increasingly complex it can become daunting for even those who are most experienced to have every last bit of information they need at a critical moment.

Whether it is a member of your sales staff demonstrating a product in the field, a lifesaving operation, or a mechanical breakdown, information is needed and needed now. eMersive's technology is cross platform and mobile ready. Now your team can get the exact information they need, when they need it.

Immersive education in the past has often meant costly site-based location training, expensive equipment, and lots of supporting staff. These forms of training can deliver excellent real-world immersions but they are not cost-effective and can be extremely difficult to coordinate around our emerging global culture.

eMersive's multi-platform technology can allow anyone, anywhere to learn in a simulated immersive environment on their own time and in a location of their choosing. A student in New Stuyahok, Alaska can experience the same education as his counterpart in London, England... and for a fraction of the cost of site-based simulated learning.

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